today I learned:

  • stone stacking by michael grab
  • since the 12th century, judaism holds the belief that if the truths derived through science or philosophy contradict religious beliefs, the religious beliefs are incorrect. well wouldjya look at that…
  • man pigs are fun
  • in 1965, andre the giant received a draft notice for french’s peace time army, but was unable to join as there were no shoes big enough, bunks long enough, or trenches deep enough to accommodate him. shucks. COULDA WON THAT WON GUYS.
  • a response to the ’10 hours of walking through NYC as a woman’. THIS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER…BUT!!! this….is hilarious. hahahahahahah “verbal street privilege” hahahahah
  • no study has shown MSG to be dangerous and the entire public outcry against it in the 1970s was because of one letter sent to the new england journal of medicine
  • a panda rolling down a hill.
  • the ‘original’ siamese twins were fathers of 21 children, and their descendants now number more than 1,500.
  • one reason menus list a very expensive wine or specialty food item is to make everything else on the menu seem more reasonable, causing diners to spend more than they normally would. nice.
  • papa new guinea…aaand I gotta go!


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