today I learned:

  • in 2004 north korea demanded that the czech republic ban “team america: world police” from theaters. The czech foreign minister relied “obviously, it’s absurd to demand that in a democratic country.” well well well….
  • in judaism, finding someone a job that enables self-sufficiency is considered the highest form of charity. I love that so much.
  • a guide to classic animation techniques and special effects. this is really neat.
  • the trailer park boys shattered the record set by wolf of wall street for most f-bombs in a feature film. “they have 506 in a 3 hour movie. we have 935 in an hour and a half.” typical nova scotians.
  • marilyn manson had a designated driver take a girl home from a house party. she got home, got in her own vehicle, and was killed on her way back to the party. wow.
  • this is a bigfin squid. it has never been captured, and is rarely seen. holy hell.
  • tommy chong encouraged jordan belfort to write the wolf of wall street while they were prison cellmates. thanks tommy! (…I’ve not yet seen the wolf of wall street….)
  • eating instant noodles two or more times a week has been associated with cardiometabolic syndrome, which raises a person’s likelihood of developing heart disease.
  • a curvy road into a bridge. beauty.
  • george r. r. martin has offered his own theatre to show ‘the interview’. TAKE THAT, KIM JONG UN!
  • a new gaia channeling update (actually, kind of a scary-ish one!)
  • another channeling, this time regarding the soulstice gateway!
  • jimi hendrix was once invited to play with cream alongside eric clapton. in the middle of the show, clapton walked off stage. he was found in the back shaking angrily and smoking a cigarette. when asked what was wrong, he simply replied, “you never told me he was that fucking good.”


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