today I learned:

  • millionaire harris rosen gave a florida neighbourhood free daycare and scholarships to all high school graduates. this raised the graduation rate from 25% to 100% and cut crime in half.
  • a loris eating a banana. I mean, just look at it!!!!
  • sniper bullets can travel for so long, the rotation of the earth will move the target
  • the word “biceps” is singular (and thus “bicep” is grammatically incorrect). the plural form of “biceps” is “bicepses” . well that’s just the most endearing word ever.
  • there is a homeless shelter organization called “my friend’s place” so that those in need don’t also have to go through the embarrassment of telling others that they’re homeless. this is awesome.
  • jim carrey’s secret of life (I love him)
  • I actually do believe we get to choose things about ourselves before we are born… (this is super cute though)
  • the tesla model S scored 5 out of 5 stars by the national highway safety administration, the highest in the history of the car. it even broke the machine that was intended to crush it during a rollover test. so….can I….can I have one?
  • pokemon gold and silver were developed by a small team of only 4 programmers, which is why it took 3 and a half years to make. I LOVE POKEMON.
  • a cockatoo who’s a very good friend
  • US first ladies edith wilson and nancy reagan are both descendants of pocahontas. wait, what?!
  • MAN monty python never gets old.

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